Emergency Picket to Support Macy’s Workers Wednesday, October 24th, 12-4 pm Bellingham Macy’s, Bellis Fair Mall

Background: Macy’s workers, members of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 21 (UFCW 21), have bargained for months with Macy’s. Macy’s management is still trying to make workers use paid time off as sick leave and not allow workers to accrue sick leave under the WA State initiative passed in 2016. Macy’s is also offering only a measly wage increase of $0.35 per year for 3 years–unacceptable!

After negotiating on Friday with Macy’s until 4:30 am Saturday morning, workers thought they might have a tentative agreement, but Macy’s rejected the offer yesterday. Workers are tired of disrespect, tired of stolen sick time, tired of minuscule wage increases. They are asking community allies, unions and customers to join them on the picket line Wednesday.