Lynn Dodson and Chanan Suarez at the NWWCLC Meeting Last Night

Lynn Dodson of the Washington State Labor Council spoke to NWWCLC Delegates last night about legislative breakthroughs now that the Democrats control the house and Senate legislative committees.

Now there is hope that bills dealing with Voting Rights, Workers Compensation, and a version of the Dream Act (that will allow Dreamers to attend college in Washington) may pass this year.



Chanan Suarez from local 3937 of American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Spoke to the delegates regarding how the Trump budget proposes to cut 1 Billion dollars from the Social Security operating Budget.

Suarez also noted that the last five continuing resolutions have disrupted the ability of Social Security workers to serve their clients. Suarez asked the delegates to contact their representatives in D.C. to demand they pass a budget.