NWWCLC and WSLC Endorsed Candidates in 10th, 39th, 40th and 42nd

Dear Delegates, 
NWWCLC, AFL-CIO has endorsed these candidates below. We believe they will support collective bargaining rights, living wage jobs with benefits, prevailing wage and apprenticeship set asides.  They support eduction and affordable healthcare.  If you have questions about these candidates please contact me at 425-931-6522. Or go to WSLC, AFL-CIO website at www.wslc.org.  
In Solidarity,
Michele Stelovich
President NW WA Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
US Senate:  Maria Cantrell (D)
US House District 1:  Suzan Delbene (D)
US House District 2:  Rick Larsen
WA Supreme Court: 
Pos. 2 — Susan Owens
Pos. 8 — Steve Gonzalez
Pos. 9 — Sheryl Gordon McCloud
Court of Appeals Division 1 District 3:  Cecily Hazelrigg-Hernandez
LD 10
House position 1:  Scott McMullen
LD 39th
Senate:  Claus Joens
House Position 1:  Ivan Lewis
House Position 2:  Eric Halvorson
LD 40th
House Position 1:  Debra Lekanoff
LD 42nd
Senate:  Pinky Vargas
House Position 1:  Justin Bone
House Position 2:  Sharon Shewmake
Local and County Races
Skagit County Treasurer:  Jackie Brunson
Skagit County Auditor:  Mike Urban
Whatcom County: 
Whatcom County Council Carol Frazey
SUPPORT Initiative 940 — Changes state standards for charging policeafter officer-involved shootings anddeadly force.