NWWCLC Delegate Metting Minutes, Jan. 17, 2018

NWWCLC Delegate Meeting

01-17-2018 1800hrs

· Flag Salute

· Called to order by President Michele Stelovich at 18:10hrs

· Minutes – moved, seconded and approved by body

· Credentials:

o ATU 843 (New Delegates)

· Al Walcott

· Jason Tobin

· Jim Kneeland

o LiUNA 292 (New Delegate)

· Charles (Adam) Lambe

o IAMAW 2379

· Adds Zachariah L. Griffith

· Removes Eric Lewis and Bob Jones

· Financials

o Sec Treasurer Chris Johnson presents financials as of 01-17-18 meeting

· Motion to approve financials

§ Moved, seconded, and approved by body.

· New Business

o Upcoming Janus Decision & Right to Work Summit February 5, 10am-6pm

· Pres Stelovich presents information regarding summit

o WSLC Legislative and Lobbying Conference February 1st and 2nd.

· Karl de Jong will not be able to attend and was one of the original delegates

· Discussion ensues to fill spot – Chris Johnson will go in his place

o Blue Green Waterfront Coalition

· Betsy Pernotto reports on recent meeting with the BGWC.

· Meeting with Port and City regarding changes of the retired GP property

· There was an open house at the granary today, well attended

o H2A Workers & Food System Sustainability

· 2 workshops being put on Jan 25

· Reflecting working conditions for the guest worker Feb 15th

· Discussion regarding radio program and other support for H2A workers topic

o Firefighters Retirement LEOFF

· Melillo and Zach Rushing present history of LEOFF pension system fight.

§ Discussion ensues regarding Port FF’s progress in working with port commissioners to get FF’s recognized and accepted into LEOFF (Law Enforcement Officer and Firefighters) pension system.

o Firefighter’s RFA

· Melillo presents the future ballot item regarding Bellingham RFA

§ Discussion and questions ensues regarding topics.

§ Local Firefighters have not chosen to support or oppose the plan as of yet.

o Safe and Sick Leave Initiative

· Michele asks group for any proposals and methods for new control measures in place.

· Discussion regarding ideas and issues ensues

o Housing Cost Control

· Michele discusses rent and housing cost control and how it is affecting relocation of employees.

· Bellingham Neighborhood Coalition discussed

o Skagit Work Group

· Janet McKinney reports on SWG

· Sedro Woolley school district Bond meeting January 24th, due Feb 4th?

· $80m bond amount

· Motion and 2nd: E-board has authorization to make an endorsement of the bond after recommendation from IBEW, Laborers, Operators.

§ Motion passes

· Janet Reports Maru Mora-Villalpando Organizer and immigrant rights activist with C2C (Community to Communit), who has been the lead on H2A, Familias, and NW Detention Center – received a notice to appear before the immigration court, which is a precursor to deportation.

§ Petition out to support her case, members are encouraged to seek out petition and lend support.

o Old Buisness

· Michele reports that she is still working on white paper regarding community workforce agreement.

§ Requests more supported time to work on the paper.

§ Motion to provide 2 days lost time for Michele to work.

· Moved, seconded, and approved by body

o Good and Welfare:

· Melillo reports Brother Neil Carlberg has passed

§ A moment of silence is observed

· Women’s March this Saturday!

§ Openings in Sedro Woolley council, school board

· Karl de Jong in home resting after deep vein thrombosis surgery

· John Manson continuing to recover, on dialysis

o Motion to adjourn, 2nd, motion carries

· Adjourned 1950hrs.