NWWCLC Endorses Russ Whidbee For Bellingham City Council

Bellingham City Council candidate Russ Whidbee with Northwest Washington Central Labor Council President Michelle Stelovich at the NWWCLC Annual Labor Day Picnic at River Front Park in Sedro-Woolley.

Dear Sisters and Brothers;

I am writing to you about a very important local race for Bellingham City Council. Russ Whidbee
is THE UNION Candidate in the Bellingham City Council At-Large race.

Russ has 40 years of living in and serving Bellingham. He has worked collaboratively with the
police on issues for the time he has lived here, even when he was a black student at Western in
the 1980s. Russ doesn’t want to defund our police. That is one important reason why our Union
Brothers and Sisters at IAFF L106 endorsed him. All workers deserve as safe a work
environment as possible and our Firefighters know that their safety and our community’s safety
depend on our police. 

Bellingham City Council candidate Russ Whidbee

However, perhaps the strongest reason to have Russ on Bellingham City Council is what makes him unique. Russ chooses to be a UNION member in a field typically hostile to unions, the field of finance. As an adjunct professor of accounting at Whatcom Community College, Russ volunteers to be Union. Russ also works as a fiduciary, and as such, he knows he can count on his Union to put his best interests first. 

Frankly, an accountant on City Council is exactly what we need in Bellingham, especially one that understands UNION solidarity. This past year the City of Bellingham extracted concessions in the form of furloughs from their public works employees. They did this in a year that they ran a $700,000 surplus in the General Fund. Russ’ skills to analyze the projections of the budget and reconcile that with the actual revenues and expenses, will keep the City honest in its treatment of workers. This will create a more accurate and better serving budget that provides essential services without having to defund public safety.

I hope you will all join me in voting for Russ Whidbee for Bellingham City Council At-Large.

If you want more information: www.trustruss.org

If you want to volunteer, please email trustruss21@gmail.com.

In Solidarity,