NWWCLC Minutes 12-20-2017

NW WA Central Labor Council Meeting Minutes

December 20, 2017


Meeting convened at 6:46 by President Mark Lowry.

Flag salute performed.

Guest speaker—Mike McAuley did not show up (he recently withdrew from his candidacy for the 42nd District Senate seat.

Credentials:  Zach Griffith of IAM 2379 was sworn in as a delegate.

Minutes—it was moved, seconded and approved by the body.

Financials—Sec Treasurer Michele Stelovich presented the financials as of Dec 14.  It was moved, seconded and approved by body.

Correspondence—there is an invitation to attend an organizing for a right-to-work workshop on Feb 5 at a Seatac hotel.  A motion was made to send two people to this meeting and seconded.  The motion was approved by the body.  Zach Griffith and Michele Stelovich are interested in attending.

Standing reports

Skagit work groups—they are working with building trades to pressure Sedro Woolley School District to have better language for wages, responsible bidder language and possibly a project labor agreement for school construction.  They are also working on a hospital bond that will be voted on next year in a public hospital district.  Skagit Dems have voted to endorse the Naturipe boycott.

Blue Green Waterfront Coalition—Betsy Pernotto gave the report about the Port meeting and that Port staff are willing to meet with BGWC to discuss proposed changes to the waterfront plan.  Michele met with Michael Shepard who asked the BGWC to write a white paper on a project benefit agreement and a project labor agreement for the Port.

New business

Nominations of officers—Betsy nominated Michele Stelovich for president and by acclamation Michele was elected.  Chris Johnson nominated Bob Gay for vice-president and by acclamation he was elected.  Chris Johnson nominated AJ Walcott for Secretary Treasurer and he declined.  AJ Walcott nominated Chris Johnson for Secretary Treasurer and he accepted and was elected by acclamation.  Betsy nominated Tony Melillo as Recording Secretary and he was elected by acclamation.   For Trustees, Michele nominated AJ Walcott; Steve Garey nominated Gordon Zurn, Michele nominated Shelly Zielstra and Chris nominated Steve Garey.  By acclamation, all 4 candidates were elected.  President Lowry thanked delegates for the privilege of serving as President and then swore in the new officers.

Holiday outreach –A letter was sent to affiliates by email asking for $100-$200 and will be resent to locals.  Chris made a motion to send $200 each to the food bank in Bellingham and to the distribution in Skagit County.  The delegate was seconded and approved by the body.

Good and welfare—Betsy reported that John Munson is in hospital and can take visitors.  Betsy also reported that Ted Perry died very suddenly at 91 years old.  Joel spoke warmly of Ted and his activism and mentoring.  Gordon Zurn reported that a USW member Brad Kurtess was struck by a truck on his way to work and is in Harborview.  Chris reported that a long-time LIUNA member Jim Harmon  died recently.

Reports of locals

Mark Lowry of ATU 843 is stepping down as president of his local.  Carrie Myers will remain as recording Secretary and AJ Walcott will be president.  WTA is going digital to keep track of buses.

Betsy Pernotto, PTE 17—no report

Bill Angel, PTE 17—making sure that job share folks are getting adequate compensation for days worked outside their regular hours.  Changed the union constitution to allow people to opt out looking at the Janus decision.

Michele Stelovich, WFSE 1061—doing internal organizing to prepare for Janus.

Chris Johnson, LIUNA 292—lots of work around in plants and outside plants; doing training about labor history and right-to-work and forming volunteer organizing committee.

Heather Ewing, IBT 231—not much to report; 7 contracts settled in last 4 weeks.  Expecting issues with UPS in next year.

Bob Gay, IBEW 191—need to do more organizing with members. Contract for inside wireman coming up in May.

Tony Melillo, IAFF 106—member Neil Carlberg in hospital fighting cancer and COB is fighting coverage. EMS candidates are being considered now.  Working on an RFA that would cover from border thru south Whatcom to have one big agency.  Firefighters more than 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than other workers.

Janet McKinney, Skagit Dems Work Group—gave report already.

Steve Garey, retired USW, Blue Green Alliance—focus has been on how to achieve a just and equitable way to tax carbon and protect working people & communities as we transition away from fossil fuels.  Last Friday decision made by Steering Committee to go to an initiative; planning to file an initiative in January and then signature gathering.  Blue Green may be hiring at least a half FTE in Bellingham.

Gordon Zurn, USW 12-591—Gearing up for elections in March.  Also getting ready for scholarship applications that are due by March 1.  They will probably give away about $60,000 this year.  They are good for union affiliated families and some for non-union families.  They are working with BGA and Swinomish tribe to ban export of crude oil.

Zach Griffith, IAM 2379—Zach is incoming president of the local and works at Alcoa.  Doing internal organizing with members and building EAP.  Will send some members to training in Washington, DC

Jack Scholar, IAM 2379—guest from Alcoa.

Joel Hall, retired public employees—PERS 1 people may be able to win back their COLA.  The WA State Senate may be voting on restoring the COLA that they lost a while ago.

AJ Walcott—ATU 843, soon will become president of his local.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.

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