Pinky Vargas Speaks to NWWCLC Delegates

Bellingham City Councilwoman Pinky Vargas, who is running
against Doug Ericksen for the state senate, addressed questions
from delegates at the March 21st Labor council meeting. Here
are some points fleshed out by the attending delegates.

Pinky Vargas Speaking at the NWWCLC Delegate Meeting March 21, 2018

Apprentice programs: Pinky Vargas advocates for apprentice programs for young workers. Delegates pointed out that the
unions provide and oversee state training for various jobs.

Cherry Point: Ms. Vargas stated that the businesses on Cherry Point will be necessary for the economy for many years and
agreed that there needs to be a well managed transition and to green energy.

Right to Work: Ms. Vargas agrees that people who work in states with right to work laws make less money than states like Washington.

Lummi Reservataion: Ms. Vargas agrees with delegates that the
Lummi Reservation is a sovereign nation and “we must work
together with the nation with open imagination communication.”

Infrastucture: Delegates asked about her stand on infrastructure
pointing out that the Van Zandt Bridge despartely needs repair.
Ms. Vargas said that the lack of attention to infrastructure in
Whatcom County is a direct result of county state representatives
“not advocating for Whatcom County.”

Affordability of Housing: When Delegates asked about the
inflated cost of housing in Bellingham she responded that
regulations on Bellingham housing have not changed in twenty
years. “Every opportunity needs to be on the table right now,”
Vargas said.