Skagit County Fair Labor Tent Volunteers Needed

We Need Another 12 Volunteers, especially for Friday, August 10!

Many Unions have sent in their contributions—Thank You—but a few more donations would be helpful.

The application fee is $295 but other expenses include approximately $150 for fair tickets, $155 for printing handouts, and $100 for misc. expenditures so a total of $700.

The Labor-Dem Work Group is contributing a minimum of $75.

I am suggesting that any Union that wants to participate in the Skagit County Fair “Labor Tent” that they contribute $75.

The Labor Tent is required to be staffed from Wednesday, August 8 to August 11, 10 am to 10 pm.

Fair schedule is see below:  3—4 hour shifts each day, so for 4 days we will need approximately 6 people per day.


Contact me, if you or someone else will take on a shift regardless of donation at 360-724-4913 or email at

In Solidarity,

Janet McKinney

Labor-Dem Work Group Coordinator

Like and Become Part of the Labor Dem Work Group by going to:


Please send donations to:


Northwest Washington Central Labor Council

c/o Janet McKinney

17858 Wood Rd

Bow, WA 98232

Make check payable to NWWCLC, In For Line “Skagit Work Group—Skagit Fair”

(I collect the checks and give them to the NWWCLC to help the treasurer.)


Skagit County Fair Volunteer Schedule: Wed., Aug. 8 to Sat., Aug. 11

As soon as you find a volunteer for a shift, email me back the information so I can record the volunteer’s name, phone number, email, union, and the shift. You don’t have to be a union member.

I will keep track of all the shifts that are taken by volunteers and keep sending out the updated schedule table.

There might be conflicts if more than 4 people sign up for a shift so please get the volunteer’s shift to me as soon as possible.

I need the volunteers’ phone numbers and emails so that if someone has an emergency or problem, I can call people and make other arrangements.

I would like 2 volunteers per shift, but one person is ok and there is only room for 4 people at a time.

Janet McKinney will be the point person for the volunteers to call in case there is a problem:  360-724-4913 or 360-770-3512 or


Wed., Aug. 8

Thurs., Aug. 9

Fri., Aug. 10

Sat., Aug. 11

9:45 am to 2 pm,   2 people per shift

Janet McKinney, IUOE

C: 770-3512 or H:724-4913


Need Volunteer

Frederick Pieters, WPEA,
(425) 239-4494,

Miguel Perry,  (425) 330-2446, Carpenters,,


Need Volunteer

Christine Scheffler, IBEW L 191,
(360) 367-0364

2 pm to

6 pm,   2 people per shift


Lori Province, Retired OPEIU & WSLC,  C:

Need Volunteer

Need Volunteer


Need Volunteer

Need Volunteer

Need Volunteer

6 pm to

10 pm,   2 people per shift

Need Volunteer

Rich Austin, ILWU, Retired,,
(360) 941-3216

Need Volunteer

Need Volunteer

Need Volunteer

Grant Landers, ILWU

Need Volunteer

Janet McKinney